Carly Amerine was destined to be a stylist. After all, her mother was, and her mother’s mother before, and even back to a generation before that. Carly is the fourth generation of her family to do hair.

And she’s loving it.

Carly was born in Florida, but spent most of her childhood in Ohio before moving to Knoxville after high school. She attended the Paul Mitchell school and has been a professional stylist for five years. But her skill set goes beyond that—she did friends’ hair during high school, and learned a lot from the professionals in her family.

And she’s learning more at Studio 135.

“I was really attracted to Studio 135 and I’m so glad I have the opportunity to work here,” she said.  “Studio 135’s not afraid to be super trendy, and they’re not afraid to change things to make them better. I really like the fact they specialize in Kevin Murphy, because it’s a great line that has the interest of the clients—and the world—in mind. I love making people feel confident and feel good about themselves, and that’s easy to do here.”

Carly starts each client session with a consultation—even clients she’s been doing for years. “It’s very important that we both understand what we need to accomplish,” she said. “I love when people bring in pictures, and when they feel comfortable enough with me to try something new.”

When asked if she has a particular specialty in the business that she prefers, Carly simply said, “I love it all.”

“I love making people happy,” she said. “That’s what this is all about.”


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