Being a stylist is something Hannah Clark always wanted to do. So it’s no surprise she’s a natural at it.

Hannah has been working with Studio 135 for two years now, coming to us from another West Knoxville salon. Although not a Knoxville native (she was born in the Midwest), she has lived in East Tennessee for much of her life. She has six years of styling experience and is a Paul Mitchell graduate.

She especially enjoys connecting with her clients, and seeing the transformations that her work can make. “I love doing extensions,” she said. “It’s a real delight to see the ‘before and after’ with someone once I’ve finished. She’s absolutely surprised at the difference it can make. And that means the person feels great about herself and can be more confident every day.

She’s also a specialist in coloring, and is particularly enthusiastic about balayage techniques that are popular today.

“’Balayage’ is a French word that means ‘free painting,’ and clients are amazed at the difference that a few select highlights can make,” she said. “It really is an art form, and with the right touch, you can make changes in your look that range from subtle to dramatic.”

Hannah has plenty of long-term clients, and she said one in particular stands out. “One of my clients cared for her husband with cancer, and she didn’t have time to go to a salon for herself. She could take her husband to a barber shop, and she had her hair cut there. Her focus was on taking care of him.

“After he passed,” Hannah said, ”she came to me for her first visit to a true stylist in a long time. I colored her hair, and gave her a more feminine cut and style. When I was done, she was in tears she was so happy. She’s still a client to this day.”

Hannah also thinks that the atmosphere at Studio 135 benefits both clients and staff. “Our stylists are tight-knit. It’s a unique feel. It truly feels like a family, and I think that means we do an even better job for everyone who comes in.”

When she not working, Hannah enjoys spending time in the woods with day hikes and overnight camping.


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