Vintage 135: Unique. Creative. Fun.


Vintage 135 is a gift shop like no other. Everyday items of metal, stone, and wood are transformed into remarkable works of art. Our artists know no bounds with creativity–they craft playful, intriguing items for your home that offer a look and vibe that you won’t find anywhere else.

Want something whimsical and quirky? You’ll find lots of choices that will add a sense of fun to any room. Looking for something classic? You’ll find those too, often with a twist in design that makes them stand out. Decorate an entire home or simply freshen up your decor with choices from Vintage 135.

Browse through Vintage 135 on your next visit to Studio 135. Or simply drop in any time. You’ll likely leave with a creation you’d never expect, for yourself or for a gift.

And you’ll be back again–just to see the wonder.


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