Veteran stylist Heather came to Studio 135 for a number of reasons, but a key was that she wanted to keep learning about the business.

“Here, you’re surrounded by change and constant learning and motivated, professional people,” she said. “It’s a great atmosphere to keep getting better.”

Heather has been a stylist for 21 years. A native of Illinois, her family moved to East Tennessee when she was young, and she graduated from Farragut High School. After a semester in college, which she decided just wasn’t for her, she looked at beauty school. Two of her aunts had gone to beauty school, and it looked like it might be a good career choice.

She hasn’t looked back. “I love this business,” she said. “I enjoy doing it all.”

For years, she specialized in cutting, but now handles complicated color and other elements.  Since joining Studio 135, she’s dived into the education and training that’s available, and is particularly impressed with the salon’s exclusive use of Kevin Murphy products.

“The quality and devotion to environmentally sound ingredients is impressive,” she said. “It’s easy to recommend Kevin Murphy to clients.

What does Heather suggest to clients so they can work closely with their stylist to get the best possible results?  “Bring pictures of what you want,” she said. “Talk to your stylist.  Be clear with what you’d like. A good stylist will communicate back to you so that you’re both on the same page.”

And she said a good stylist will tell a client if a style doesn’t quite fit.

“If someone has a different hair texture or thickness than what’s called for in a given style,” it’s important to let the client know, she said. “There may be ways to modify it so that it still provides the desired outcome.

And Heather’s excited to be working in the area where she grew up.

“Studio 135’s a great asset for Farragut,” she said. “I’m proud to be part of it.”


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