About Us

Studio 135 is Knoxville and Farragut’s premier hair salon and styling center. We offer a spectrum of services including haircuts, color, and specialty styles for men, women, and children.   For special occasions and events, we offer blowouts, updos, and other treatments that will dazzle and delight.

Owners Jessica and Kevin Moore have years of experience in making their clients in Farragut, Knoxville, and surrounding area look their absolute best.  Our stylists are continually improving their professional skills, and the “family” atmosphere in the salon means that every client is given careful, personalized attention. 

Studio 135 is unique because within our doors exists a remarkably unique gift and craft shop. Called Vintage 135, it’s an artistic extension of the creativity of our owners and some amazing artists. Vintage 135 is based on the idea that there is art in everything. In fact, Vintage 135 features everyday items that have been transformed into works of art. These include creations made from metal, stone, and wood. The artworks can be playful, sophisticated, or somewhere in between. You’ll find something for virtually anyone’s taste at Vintage 135.

Studio 135 is located in Farragut in the West End Shopping Center, behind Buddy’s BBQ. We’re open Monday through Friday, and you can make appointments by calling 671-2342 or clicking the Appointment Button on this page.



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