Pam started her career as a hair stylist, but then moved on to interior design. Working with one of Knoxville’s most prestigious architectural firms, she used her talents to help create some of the city’s most noteworthy business environments.

But she really liked doing hair, so she changed careers again, and we are thrilled to have her at Studio 135.

“With interior design, you may wait two years to see your finished creation. And there will be so many people involved that what you envisioned may not be what the result is. It can be very frustrating,” she said.

“But with hair, it’s just me and my client working together to create something special. And you can see the results immediately.”

Pam enjoys the collaboration with her clients. She encourages them to bring in photos of styles they like, then the two of them discuss what will work best.

“With social media like Pinterest,” it’s easy for someone to show me the things they like. And have a picture can be very valuable—it’s often easier than trying to describe a style. But we treat that as a starting point. Then we talk through what will work for the client’s hair, facial features, and lifestyle, and we come up with the right look that will work outside the salon, too.

Pam and her husband, a Physician’s Assistant, love to travel when she’s not working. Her creative spirit and sense of adventure make her an ideal fit at Studio 135.


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