Hair color options for 2017 continue to be, well, colorful.

At Studio 135, we are continually looking at innovations in hair (our stylists call themselves “hair nerds”) and we’ve spotted some interesting stuff on the website.

Color is getting more creative for the coming year, and there are some bright new ideas to watch for. Here are a few:

Violet Black

Black is always in style, but an innovative new trend is to look at different tones within black. Violet black is a popular idea, because it adds luminosity to black and matches almost any skin color. If you want something beyond black, think about black with a soft purple glow.

Diamond Blonde

This promises to be a popular summer color. Lighter even than platinum blonde, diamond blonde has been worn by Scarlett Johansson and Michele Williams. Keep in mind that this shade requires significant lightening, so it requires some commitment and care.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is very trendy, and it shows up not just in hair but cosmetics, fashion, décor, and even architecture. It has a boldness to it, and makes a strong contemporary statement.

Rainbow Shades

Why stop with one color? Since 2014, rainbow shades of hair color have been growing in popularity. And many rainbow looks have become very sophisticated, include pastels which make a unique statement but can be subtle enough even for professional women. Colors including denim, amethyst, rose, and others combine to provide an intriguing palette.


This highlighting technique is one we use all the time at Studio 135. We can work with clients who have a primary color they like, but want something that offers more visual depth an interest. Ballyage gives us the opportunity to take almost any style and give it more power and flair.

Want more ideas? Talk to your Studio 135 stylist. We’re always looking at new things, and we’ll show you what’s hot (and better yet, what’s coming next). See you soon.