Here’s How To Know If “Shaking Things Up” Is Right For You

We’ve all thought about it—what would happen if I made a BIG change in my hair?

Not just a few highlights or a slightly different cut. We’re talking BIG.

Bold, bright colors. Short versus long. Hair extensions. Something that suggests everything in your life is ready for a reboot.

Could you do it?

Many people struggle with the idea of big change, some for many years. And it can be daunting. What happens if you don’t like it? What happens if the people in your life don’t like it? Are you ready for all the extra attention?

What if you don’t get any extra attention?

There are risks, both social and personal, associated with a major change in your looks. And while a bold new look may be right for some, it could be a mistake for others. Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of doing something completely different.

1. What Impact Will It Have On Your Career?

This should always be your first consideration. A big change could make you feel good for a weekend, but if it causes you problems at work, it’s probably not worth it. Would your boss be OK if you came into a Monday morning meeting with a bright blue streak in your hair? What would your customers or clients think? In some professions, a touch of creativity might be an asset—you might be viewed as being more of a free thinker or innovator than you were in the past. But in other jobs, too much of a change my make people uneasy. You don’t want that.

2. How Will The People Closest To You Respond?

Your big change could be very exciting to a spouse or significant other, or it could be a shock. And you should consider this before you take the plunge. But remember that a shock might not necessarily be a bad thing—if you’re trying to break out of a rut (and have someone follow you), then a different look can be a starting point. Be prepared, but if you’re in, be optimistic.

3. How Will You Respond?

Will you wake up two days later full of regret, or will a new look propel you forward? Will you be comfortable with your new look? Will you be able to maintain it? If you’re on the go all the time, and you opt for a tricky-to-handle hairstyle, will you be able to adjust your schedule to accommodate it, or will it cause problems for you? It’s important to think beyond the initial reaction and (as boring as it might sound) be ready for the day-to-day afterwards.

4. Consult a Confidante

Sometimes it’s a good move to bounce your idea off a close, trusted friend before going through with it. If you’re still wavering, it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion from someone whose thoughts you value. You may find you have a cheerleader and a support who will get others excited about your new look.

5. Ask Your Stylist

If you’re looking for an objective viewpoint, ask your stylist. He or she will go over the pros and cons of your new look, sometimes pointing out things that non-professional may not see. And if you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ll have communicated to the person who will help you make it happen what you truly want to accomplish. Our stylists at Studio 135 can help you make any change you think is right for you, whether it be big or small.