We recently asked our stylists at Studio 135 for ideas on how to get the best possible haircut every time you visit your salon.

Their unanimous answer:  Good communication with your stylist.

The hardest job any stylist has is being able to truly understand what the client wants. So discussion about the client’s ideas, personality, and lifestyle can help. A good stylist will caution a client against a style that doesn’t “fit.” A style may not match the client’s face structure. Or it may be too difficult to maintain. Or it may not convey the individual’s personality properly, or it might not fit the client’s career goals.

A good stylist will suggest alternatives or modifications that better create what the client is looking for.

But getting to this point can be tricky. That’s why the stylists at Studio 135 suggest these tips:

  1. Bring photos. Pinterest and other social media can be great ideas for inspiration, as can magazines. Images can show exactly what you want—or they can be starting points for creating the style you really want.
  2. Be open to ideas. Your stylist works with scores of other clients. This experience can help you figure out what would work best for you. You may have a good idea of what you want already, but with an experienced stylist, it could be even better.
  3. Ask questions about what’s new? Again, because of your stylist’s professional experience and knowledge, there may be new ideas in color, style, extensions or other hair innovations that could help you. And your stylist is always happy to share new things with you.

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